How is Massage good for you?

massage_therapy_webster_wisconsinMassage circulates the blood through the body sending new oxygen and nutrients into all the muscles. It is also, removing all the toxins and garbage in our blood. So, when you receive a massage, you are refreshing your body with a new supply of good clean blood.

When you have discomfort it can be because your muscles are stuck. Things that can cause this are injuries to the muscle, coming from overuse or just a sudden movement that causes a quick contraction of the muscle, also body skeleton out of line and the fascia of the body stuck. Drinking lots of fluids will help with all these problems. So, when we massage we smooth out the contractions in the muscles and we stretch the fascia so that the muscles are able to work better without constrictions.

You may also have scar tissue in parts of the muscles. These are usually found at the insertion point of the muscle and are caused from an injury to that muscle. Scar tissue can heal in an uneven pattern and cause a pulling and uncomfortable feeling. It may feel like a tight burning spot or maybe even a little numbness in the area. It may feel like you have an itchy spot under the skin. With massage these scar tissue can be released and helped to heal in a smooth fashion so the muscle won’t feel a restriction in that area any longer.

Massage can also be of help in keeping your weight in control. Your body will feel so much better that you will be able to do so many more everyday moves that will make keeping active easier. When you are receiving a treatment the therapist is exercising all those muscles and loosening them up so that they are getting a work-out while on the table. The rejuvenating feeling will get you going with a new feeling of goodness about your body. Walking, jogging, running, or whatever exercise you enjoy will be so much easier that you’ll love getting out and doing them. Remember, the worse thing you can do for the body, is leave it sedimentary. The body needs to move.
So, along with these things being said, massage is going to make you look and feel younger. Keeping yourself moving, pushing new clean and healthy blood through the body and stretching all those muscles will have you looking and feeling so much better about yourself. You’ll notice a whole new feeling about yourself. You, truly, will feel so much younger. You’ll also fmd yourself living a healthier, happier life.

Massage with also help those of you who don’t have a lot of human touch. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one or you don’t get the opportunity to see a lot of family members or get around a lot of people. Having a massage and just being touched can make a huge difference in your attitude. It brings back a feeling of connection to the rest of the world. We all need human reaction and connection.

So, put Massage on your weekly or monthly schedule and see what a difference it will make. We do it for our cars and our houses and whatever else we enjoy. Why not do it for ourselves. Don’t we all know the feeling we get after we’ve done our weekly house cleaning projects or when we get done washing the car and vacuuming out the inside and washing the windows. You just want to set down and smell your fresh clean house or car and enjoy it. Well that’s what you are doing for your body when you receive a massage and you will feel that same good feeling about yourself.

Massage for stress! This is something that we don’t tend to think about in regards to our health. Stress is the culprit in so many of our lives and it reeks havoc on our bodies. An hour long massage can relax and calm you down so much. The body loves it. All those muscles have a chance to just relax and not have any pressure on them. The mind floats off and gets in a calming place. Think how you’re helping your body. Those miserable headaches will disappear. The face contains 20 different muscles thus, the cause of all those tension headaches.

You must remember that you need to think about good nutrition and drinking lots of water. We need to have these present in the body to move all of them around and refresh those muscles. These are the fuel for the body.